Shadow realms is action oriented, with fast, fluid combat from a third-person perspective. Teams of Class-based heroes cooperate to destroy monstrous opponents. Preview footage clearly reveals multiple abilities cycling through cool-down periods.

Opposing the cooperating players is the Shadow Lord, a human-controlled antagonist who coordinates and controls the malevolent forces arrayed against the heroes.

Defeating a sufficient number of minions appears to drop a Shadow Barrier allowing the team to advance further into the mission. Players progress through rooms clearing enemies and opening new areas.

Downed allies may be revived by friends so long as they are reached within a certain period of time, as indicated by a countdown icon hovering over fallen characters.

Safe Areas provide parties with places to gather before progressing into especially dangerous zones and provide opportunities for resource pooling.

4 Minutes of Shadow Realms Gameplay


The left mouse button triggers attacks, the right button evades, and mouse motion controls camera angle.

  • Number keys 1-4 control special attacks.
  • Space Bar
  • Shift sprints.
  • Tab locks targets.
  • C initiates Quick Chat, Enter initiates text chat.
  • Q uses healing items.
  • F activates a Trauma Kit to revive a fallen ally.
  • B reveals the scorecard.
  • F1 activates the in-game menu.