Get to know your Second Earth Army.


This brutal humanoid battle machine crushes everything in his path with a huge and heavy hammer. He endures enemy’s attack very well, thanks to his tough and muscular physical condition.


Thanks to her bio-tech enhanced eyes, she takes down enemies with rapid and accurate aiming. She uses a customized rifle to shoot enemies from great distances.


Robo was originally designed to collect resources instead of combat itself. Due to its powerful servos, Robo can quickly ravage its main objective… the enemy’s resources.

Wild Crab

Due to its high durability, the Wild Crab is an iconic terror to its enemy’s defensive systems. Despite its slow movement, the heavy armor allows them to always remain in the front lines.


Spider is a self-detonating unit which uses specialized AI and explosives for mining work. Its duty is breaking down the enemy’s defense wall to secure an infiltration route for allies.


Thunder, a climate control satellite that’s been weaponized, summons powerful lightning above the enemy’s defenses. Be careful when deploying it in consideration of its slow speed and weak armor.


Chief carries a portable RPG for bombing the ground and air. He inflicts massive area effect damage that terrifies enemies.


Ambulance sprays plasma with nano machines to reconstruct damaged armor and tissue. Nano machines can mend humanoids as well as machines.

Dark AngelDark Angel

This enormous battleship is the pinnacle of NSEF technology. Raining massive splash damage from high above, most enemies will find trouble trying to even reach her.


HADES is the most advanced ground unit the NSEF has ever produced. Nicknamed, “The Warrior from Hell”, no one has ever dared to challenge the legitimacy of the title.


Assassins are armed with the most advanced stealth equipment. This allows them to travel in stealth and scale over the walls. Once the Assassin attacks, it will lose its stealth capabilities.


These reckless special units attack enemies with a flamethrower, which heats up to 3,000 degrees. It will burn hotter as its HP gets lower. Literally a fiery personality.


Heavy, a unit developed to protect its allies from enemy tower attacks, can withdraw a great deal of damage. It rushes towards its foe after deployment, and also very effective in attacking walls as well.

Bomb Capsule

This capsule detonates an EMP shockwave at a nearby area, disabling all structures within the vicinity. Upgrading this capsule will increase its damage.

Heal CapsuleHeal Capsule

Drop this capsule to heal your damaged troops! This capsule contains Nano machines that help reconstruct damaged tissues and armors.

Power Capsule

This Capsule’s formula has been discovered accidentally by the NSEF scientists. It has been found to enhance the speed and attack damage of units. The NSEF scientist are afraid of what will happen if other forces learn the secret formula.