The following buildings are available to harvest and store resources for your command center.

Plasma Collector Second EarthPlasma Collector

Plasma Collectors gather its plasma from the atmosphere and then purifies it for use. Upgrading this structure will boost ifs plasma production, as well as its storage capacity.

Plasma Storage

You can store your Plasma reserve inside this structure. Upgrading this structure will further increase its durability and its storage capacity.

Gold MineGold Mine

Gold Mine harvests and stores Gold within the structure. Upgrading it will boost your Gold production, as well as increasing its storage capacity.

Gold Storage

This structure houses your Gold reserves, keeping it safe should be a priority! Upgrading it will increase its durability and its storage capacity.

Builder BoothBuilder Booth

You can hire extra Builders, by building extra Builder Booths. With more Builders at your disposal, you can upgrade, research, and build more efficiently. You can have a maximum of five Builders at your service.

Antimatter Generator

The Antimatter Generator opened mankind a new level of energy era by extracting Antimatter with a certain shock to matter.

Antimatter StorageAntimatter Storage

Antimatter extinct when reacted with any type of matter. This state of the art storage can effectively control Antimatter with a complicated electronic system, disallowing any contact with matter.