The following buildings are used to build and upgrade an elite army in Second Earth.

Army CampArmy Camp

Units hired from Barracks are staying here. Upgrading it increases its maximum unit capacity. You should place units here for supporting guild crews.


Hire your units in this building to invade the enemy’s planet! You can unlock new kinds of units by upgrading this building.

Research CenterResearch Center

Research new technology here that will enhance the effectiveness of your troops, as well as the capabilities of your capsules.

Guild Center

You can apply to a guild after building a Guild Center. Through this building, you can send troops to other guild members and receive guild member’s reinforcement.

Capsule FactoryCapsule Factory

You can craft various capsules that offer you different combat advantages during your battles.


The mankind traveled far into deep space due to this equipment which tells a safe warp coordinates by mapping out the outer space.

Elite BarracksElite Barracks

You can hire the powerful Black Cat mercenaries by upgrading your existing Barracks.

Captain Iron

The ultimate weapon of the N.S.E.F.! Equipped with double nuclear core engines, it puts out a tremendous thrust. In order to secure the pilot’s safety, the shoulder part of the suit has been reinforced. The N.S.E.F. is constantly researching and developing various types of parts to enhance the suit’s functionality.

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