Second Earth’s latest 2.1 update makes it worth a second look by players who left Clash of Clans when they got stuck unable to reach higher levels without paying for gems. The following are a few key differences between the games. These are directed toward readers who are familiar with clash of clans, and are looking for difference between COC and SE.

1) Leveling up in Second Earth is much easier and faster.

Currently the dev team behind Second Earth are giving out generous bonuses every time a player upgrades there town hall. These bonuses help cover most of the cost of upgrading to the next town hall. Make sure you have enough storage capacity to take advantage of the bonuses.

I was able to go from Command Center level 1 to level 10 in only a few weeks. Which is very different then Clash of Clans where players often reach a point where they are stuck unless they end up buying lots of gems.

Which brings us to point #2 players can attack more often.

2) Troop build time is instant.

Unlike Clash of Clans. Second Earth users don’t have to wait for troops to be built. Troops are instantly ready for battle once picked. This lets you attack when you are ready instead of having to build an army that you can’t use for a few hours.

Attacks are limited by “hearts.” Each player gets 5 hearts that take time to respawn. This prevents a player for playing for a few hours straight and going on a non stop rampage. There are different ways a user can get more hears without waiting for them to respawn. Such as friends giving them to you on Facebook.

3) You get to pick your reserver troops.

Clash of Clan players can request troops for there clan castle. But you’ll have to wait for someone to give you them and even then you don’t get a choice in what troops you get. Second Earth players get to pick which troops they want to put in the guild center without wait. No chance of someone loading you up with goblins when you want dragons.

Bonus: Users who enter CUMOE get 100 free Ntrium (equivalent to COC gems).