Buildings are constructed and upgraded within the City View by tapping on an empty square. Every building costs resources to build and takes a certain amount of time to construct.

Buildings can (and should be) upgraded; especially if you witsh to progress further into the game, unlocking new research, additional buildings and buffs. buffs for particular buildings can be seen by tapping on the building itself, and going to “More information”, of you can jsut take a look at the individual buildings below.

Depending on your game’s settings, you can be notified when a buildign can be upgraded by a small yellow/orange arrow, that points up, and is usually found on the from, right side of the building ready to be upgraded. This arrow signifies that you are eligable to upgrade that building, through both resourses and levels. The higher level the upgrade, the more buffs, perks, and general activities and events you can perform, however the construction times can begin to take an extremely long time (Late in game) and many more resources. (You can use Speed Ups to lower your construction time.)

Buildings Purpose
Academy Research
Altar Hero boosts
Barracks Training of troops
Embassy Reinforcements
Forge Crafting, combining, and more
Gymnos Hero XP acceleration and preservation
Hall of War Rallying
Hospital Healing of troops
Marketplace Intra-alliance trade
Prison Capture of enemy heroes
Storehouse Protection of resources from city attackers
Stronghold Main building
Treasury Earn gold
Villa Silver resource production
Wall Build traps for city protection
Watchtower Scouting
Gold Mine Gift and receive gold from players.
Farm Produces food
Logging Camp Produces wood
Mine Produces ore
Quarry Produces stone