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  1. Nick says:

    I would rate this website 0/10 because it didn’t show me what I wanted it to, I wanted it to tell me the maxed level on all the buildings in town hall 8 but It sadly didn’t answer any of my questions that needed to be answered. I would recommend not coming back to this website without it being added. If it is added then I will say thanks for understanding my recommended idea and I hope a lot of other people find my statement helpful and if you want to see my clash of clans account I’m currently in PROS EH!! My usernames are Bulldognick lvl 73, Rockywall lvl 40, Bdog Lvl 28. I know u may say why all the accounts but I find it more fun. Also I hope you guys change this please do because I would like to know so I can get up to that standered and hopeful max it and then move on to town hall 9!!! Please think of my statement..

    1. The information you are asking for is already on this page in one of the charts.

    2. MrTellItLikeItIs says:


  2. MrTellItLikeItIs says:

    Hey dude, since you mr COC, why not make your own web pages and then you wont have to criticize this one.
    Well done page. It is a solid reference for this game we are all so hooked on..

  3. Lloyd Brown says:

    I’m on level 8 town hall.
    I would like to suggest that you updated everything at your town hall level before upgrading to the next level.
    first upgrade cannons morrtors the archers. Next barracks & army camp.
    when ever possible spend if before you log out, because if you don’t it might not be there the next day.
    It works fore me.
    Clan = Buffalosoliers

  4. dragonofclans says:

    hi u can lose max 50 trophys in a lost defense . i hv lost i was lev 5 th in gold 2 league but when i was attacked from a player with lev 7 th i lost 50 trophies. lol .