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  1. Dad says:

    Never spend gems on resources. If you cant gain 200k+ of your desired resource per attack you need to figure out what you are doing wrong. If you, you should wait till you have 2 hours and gem some barracks. Youll make more in the entire month in a session or 2 than you will ever make spending gems on resources for the same price.

    Never gem collectors. Its a huge waste unless you just got money to toss around. And if you cant spend 2 hours on the game now and then, you are just gonna have to except its going to take you a long, long time to get anywhere.

    Huts, of course, always come first though. I cant see how gemming collectors is any less boring than saving for huts, but I can tell you it will be a lot of fun passing your friends and saving countless hours of build time.

    Especially in the higher levels of the game, when things take close to a week or even higher. I’m all for getting something done a week faster. How bout you?

  2. oberon says:

    YES THERE IS CHEATING lots of it. all the top clans have unlimited gems elixir and gold.. there is also a never offline hack to stop u getting attacked EVER!…fix thee cheats and i will start playing again .. HTH

    Ps if u ignore it it will become standard so u must cheat to be even..


  3. Wolvesayewe says:

    Why can i not get past sherbert towers 115 on the goblin trail?

    1. dodge says:

      I can’t get past ‘Thoroughfare’ on the single player goblin game. What gives??

  4. BoneCrusher says:

    I have the same theory , and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’ were actually , just like all good , fun games there is always some BS catch 22