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Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 7

Comments (28)
  1. Anupam Muralidharan says:

    Thanks for your help! Your farming base layout has helped me a lot.

  2. clash clans says:

    awesome bases

      1. dragonofclans says:

        can we post our base photo .

  3. clash clans says:

    the attack strategy helps a lot

  4. adrian says:

    That base is beast

  5. REX says:


  6. Jackson says:

    Thanks so much this web site is the best

  7. clash of clans beast says:

    Very good base and thank you

  8. Clash says:

    I wish there was a base that would effectively guard resources and trophies

    1. As you move up in Town Hall Level this may get a bit easier since your base gets bigger and you have access to more walls.

  9. lilodp says:

    Wow! Thanks a lot brother, this helped me to get and save many loots thanks to your plan.

  10. Sam says:

    I like the idea’s but I’m not a big fan of the box method, it’s very successful but it dossent look good, I wish there was some other base layouts with other ideas, they were cool to look at thought.

  11. Ayex says:

    Very good base layouts, with a few tweaks I feel like one of the strongest TH7 players around

  12. richard says:

    How do i put my layout on the sight

    1. Use the contact form (link).

  13. doom assassins says:

    i am actually searchinb for a base that has both mortars and air defenses and town hall centre of base and i want to know the rest of the layout so show me a pic thanks

  14. blue says:

    Wow..the layouts are awsome.. im currently upgrading my townhall to lvl 7 and i want to apply one of the designs above.. by the way, im saving my gem. what would you recommend that i should buy using it, coz im planning to buy a builders hut.

  15. Chief says:

    Very Good bases but I’m looking for a base for trophy and resource, I am sure there is a way without having to upgrade. (I’m upgrading to town level 8 anyway :) )
    PS: I think the base design town hall level 7-8 defensive is useless not good to have mortar and the gold storage on the edge.

  16. Mike depue says:

    This is awesome

  17. random person says:

    Can you post one for town hall 7 but with no barbarian kings or teslas? I just upgraded a week ago and I have everything but those two

  18. Lakesh says:

    How can I get dark elixir for king

  19. Latinlotus says:

    I don’t get all those positive comments about those base layouts. Frankly, there are a number deficiencies for both base layouts:
    -both air defenses are too close to the edge of the base, can be easily taken out and then the base will be swamped by healers, dragons, minions…
    -clan castle is not centralized, thus cc troops can be easily lured out and killed. CC should be in middle.
    -mortars are too close together, can be taken out but lightning strikes or once the enemy get in the middle of the base.
    As for the resource protection, ironically, i see the resources are better protected in the defensive base layout as they are more spread out.

  20. Motocoros says:

    wow I like defence and My defence for th7 the best *_*

  21. jrcooper24 says:

    Wow, Latinlotus is a idiot! I bet you when he gets attacked he loses every time and when he attacks, also he loses every time! Stop being a crybaby yo!!!….

  22. X factor says:

    I really lov the farming base thanx

  23. BajanCanadian says:

    I love the town hall 7 defence base tanks sub to me on yt at TheBajanCanadian