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Clash of Clans Base Designs Town Hall Level 6

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  1. mustafa says:


    1. gekke gerrie says:

      u can get lab up to 4 not 3

  2. dk says:

    Please upload by level defence so everybody can find their defence.

    1. I’m not sure I follow. What do you mean by level defense?

      1. Anonymous says:

        I think dk means how strong a defense is at a certain level. For instance, how much damage and how many hitpoints does a level 7 cannon have? There’s also something else I think dk might mean. What is the highest level a defense can be at a certain town hall level? For instance, What is the highest level a cannon can be upgraded to for a level 7 town hall. Hope this helps! : ) (I’m 1234esj in the clan Shadow Dragons please join!!!(ignore this if you want))

      2. Ahh got it. Well some of that information can be found in other parts of the site. Such as the page on town halls.

        I’ll think about it and see if I can format this information in a more helpful manner.

        I’ll also check out your clan later tonight. Thanks!

      3. johnlam says:

        Great guide!

  3. Hi thanks for these bases they are awsome ahahaha you just are a fezzz

  4. psmasher says:

    These are not good enough defensive bases I am unpleased

  5. jasooom says:

    is this a good base

    1. Which one? Have a link?

  6. Danny says:

    Cheers got loads more trophys

  7. aki says:

    how about my base, im a bit slow in upgrading

  8. Andrew says:

    Your list of available offensive buildings buildings available is incorrect. You list camps up to level 5 and barracks up to level 7. This is not right.

    Correct details are

    3 Army camps (up to level 6)
    3 Barracks (up to level 8)

    1. Thanks, we’ll double check and update as necessary.

  9. Danial says:

    I think your guide is great bit some of the examples you gave of lvl 6 bases aren’t very good just check out my base it’s the grand masg in the clan photon kings I’m upgrading my town hall but it is still lvl six hope this helps!

  10. ammar says:

    i try the best

  11. Sayyid says:

    I need a town hall level 6 defense that always win