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Clash of Clans Gem Box

Comments (9)
  1. Jeremy says:

    How many gem do you get from a box?

    1. I actually got a gem box today and it had 25 gems in it. But this number can vary.

      1. Jeremy says:

        Oh ok thank you.

      2. FYI: I just got a second box. Another 25 gems.

      3. Jonathan says:

        Does the hack work

  2. Jonathan says:

    I tried hack it won’t work

    1. There are no working hacks.

  3. Sky says:

    I figured the gem box moves sometimes (switch its place) if you don’t move them right away. lol.

  4. Meeran says:

    Is there a red gem box which gives u 250 gems? My friends were telling me.