• Lt. Hammerman is the main antagonist of Boom Beach
  • He is the commander of the Blackguard.
  • Hammerman has 10 bases scattered across the map and are known as Hammerman’s HQ.
  • These bases are not restricted to a number of defenses like a players HQ does to them.
  • There are also unique weapons which are used in these bases various times.

Learn how to Beat Every Lt. Hammerman Level


He has black/brown hair, a square nose, normal ears, a scarred left eye and always frowns.
He appears to be relatively short.
He wears a Black uniform with a bit of red on it.
His belt, cap and above his top left pocket has what appears to be the Blackguard symbol.
Another interesting note is the fact that he has lieutenant ranks on his collar.

Unique Weapons

MMG 9000
The MMG 9000 is an upgraded version of a Machine Gun.
It appears on Hammerman’s HQ 10, 20 & 45.

Super Mortar
The Super Mortar is an upgraded version of a Mortar with extended range.
It appears on Hammerman’s HQ 25, 30, 40 & 60


  • When NPC villages are lost it says it was taken over by a Blackguard invasion
  • Real-life players are referred as Blackguard mercenaries, those who have been hired by the Blackguard. You may be fighting the blackguard, but to other players you are blackguard.
  • It seems Hammerman is obsessed with Statues and Crystals because of their mystical powers.
  • According to the Navy Military Ranks List, ‘Lieutenant’  is the 9th highest rank you can get in the navy. This is ironic, considering that Hammerman appears to be the only Commander aside from Dr. Terror.