In the beginning you can only access wood and gold for buildings and troops. You use wood for building up your base and upgrading building. Gold is primarily used for recruiting troops and troop upgrades.

Base Defense

At low levels, the best place to put your headquarters on the severe eastern side of your island, as deep in to the north eastern tree line and docks as you can. From there, arrange your defenses in a way that maximizes the amount of tower overlap you have. Instead of lining up your towers, think of them as rings of protection around your headquarters, and be sure to leave space between each of them so you don’t afford your opponents the ability to target two of your towers at once with one artillery shot.


Remember your main objective is the town hall. You do not need to destroy everything on your way to it. Sometimes the best attack is using flares to move your troops into a position to attack from behind.


  • It’s a good idea to prioritize upgrades on your vault. Protect your resources!
  • After being successfully attacked view the film. You’ll learn your base weakness’s and can then adjust.

Boom Beach Getting Started