Resource buildings are used to produce and store resources. You can find the Resource buildings from Boom Beach below.


ResidenceResidence produce gold.

Gold Storage

GoldStorageGold storage is used to store Gold. Gold is used for training and research.


SawmillThe Sawmill produces wood, a construction material for building many of the early structures in the game.

Wood Storage

WoodStorageWood storage is used to store Wood.

Iron Mine

NoImageThe Iron Mine produces Iron.

Iron Storage

NoImageIron Storage stores Iron.


QuarryThe Quarry produces stone. A medium level construction material.

Stone Storage

StoneStorageStone Storage stores Stone.


VaultThe Vault keeps the resources inside it safe from enemy raids.

Economy Buildings ResidenceSawmillQuarryIron MineGold StorageWood StorageStone StorageIron StorageVault
Defensive Buildings Sniper TowerMachine GunMortarCannonFlamethrowerBoom CannonRocket LauncherShock LauncherMinesBoom Mines
Support Buildings SubmarineLanding CraftGunboatSculptorRadarArmory
Other HeadquartersOutpost