There are many different kinds of Buildings in Boom Beach, all with there own specific abilities. Types are listed and explained below.


EconomyResource buildings are used to produce and store resources.
Residence • Sawmill • Quarry • Iron Mine • Gold Storage • Wood Storage • Stone Storage • Iron Storage • Vault


DefenseDefensive buildings are used to defend your base against enemy attacks.
Sniper Tower • Machine Gun • Mortar • Cannon • Flamethrower • Boom Cannon • Rocket Launcher • Mines


SupportSupport buildings are used to aid you with all kinds of common tasks in Boom Beach.
Landing Craft • Gunboat • Sculptor • Radar • Armory


HeadquartersThe Headquarters is the nerve centre of your base. Upgrading the HQ unlocks new base buildings and upgrades.

Economy Buildings ResidenceSawmillQuarryIron MineGold StorageWood StorageStone StorageIron StorageVault
Defensive Buildings Sniper TowerMachine GunMortarCannonFlamethrowerBoom CannonRocket LauncherShock LauncherMinesBoom Mines
Support Buildings SubmarineLanding CraftGunboatSculptorRadarArmory
Other HeadquartersOutpost