Boom Beach Smoke Screen


  • The Smoke Screen is the 6th weaponry unlocked for the Gunboat at Headquarters level 14.
  • Troops can walk in the Smoke Screen un-attacked, but they cannot attack.
  • Smoke screens are fairly inexpensive, similar to the flare, however they are unlocked at a higher level.

Offensive Strategy

  • Smoke Screens can be used to protect Troops like Zookas that come under fire from defenses that are dangerous to them or to protect Troops as they rush to the Headquarters.
  • A good strategy is Warriors, Smoke Screens, and Flare.
    • Use Smoke Screens to protect the Warriors while directing them to the Headquarters with a Flare.
  • Having some gaps between your Smoke Screens is okay because Troops will still be covered by smoke for about half a second after they leave it.
  • Smoke screen is good for approaching defenses that you cannot reach easily without getting noticed by the other defenses (i.e. getting to a faraway rocket launcher when there are two flamethrowers in the way)
  • If you choose to retreat, use Smoke Screens on your Troops to prevent damage to them while they are running to theLanding Craft to minimize casualties.
Level Smoke
Upgrade Cost Required Armory
1 36 N/A N/A 1 N/A
2 40 1d 14h 1,350,000 14 61
3 44 1d 17h 1,950,000 15 64
4 48 1d 17h 2,250,000 16 64
5 52 1d 23h 3,000,000 17 68
6 56 2d 3,800,000 18 69

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