Boom Beach FlareBy shooting Flares you can maneuver your Troops over the island and avoid defending structures like a Sniper Tower or Mines. Your troops will stop with what they are doing and follow the Flare.

Flare Tips

  • Flares last longer after each upgrade
  • You can use Flares to mark buildings. The building is given an crosshair and your troops will start attacking it, even if there is another building in from of them.

Flare Offensive Strategy

  • Flares can be used to ‘flank’. Bases with their Headquarters placed in the back or corner of their island with little protection can be reached by using the Flares
  • By firing flares right next to Mortars and Rocket Launchers you can place your troops in the ‘blind spots’ of these defensive buildings.
Level Duration Upgrade
Armory level
1 6s N/A N/A 1 N/A
2 8s 2h 6,300 1 14
3 11s 9h 105,000 5 30
4 15s 19h 350,000 9 43
5 20s 1d 6h 1,080,000 12 54
6 25s 1d 17h 2,600,000 15 64
7 30s 2d 4,200,000 18 69

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