By attacking other beaches you collect ‘Battle Points’, with these points you can make Battle Actions. These Battle Actions can be tactical or strategical. The amount of Battle Points needed for a specific action goes up each time you use this action in battle. Every time you destroy a structure, you get additional Battle Points.

ArtilleryArtillery Shells

Your Gunboat fires a high-explosive cannon shell that damages enemy buildings. Be careful not to hit your own troops!

Cost first: 3 Battle Points
Cost each next: +2 Battle Points


By shooting Flares you can maneuver your Troops over the island and avoid defending structures like a Sniper Tower or Mines.

Cost first: 2 Battle Points
Cost each next: +1 Battle Point

MedkitMed Kits

With Med Kits you can heal your Troops while attacking an island.

Cost first: 6 Battle Points
Cost each next: +3 Battle Points

Shock_BombShock Bomb

The Shock Bomb freezes anything it hits for a short time. Use it to disable key defensive buildings. If you hit your own troops, they will be stunned as well!

Cost first: 7 Battle Points
Cost each next: +3 Battle Points


A rapid fire artillery barrage deals massive damage to buildings in a wide target area. Warning: the Barrage is inaccurate and dangerous to nearby friendly troops!

Cost first: 10 Battle Points
Cost each next: +6 Battle Points

SmokeScreenSmoke Screen

Protect your troops with a Smoke Screen. Troops inside the smoke can move, but cannot fire or be fired upon.

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